The End of an Era, Celebration of The Past and The Beginning of a Lifetime.

It has been just over a year since my last post on here. A lot has changed since then.

It is very rare that I have inspiration to write anything, I’m writing this off of the back of filling out a scholarship application form and feel like I still have some juice in the tank so I’m going to inject it into here.

2016 is set to be the biggest year yet for me, it is very significant for a number of reasons.

Reason number one: the end of an era. The era being the Thomas Hardye School. Five years have flown by and it doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was going up to Hardyes for transfer day in year 8. So many people have influenced my life and my actions over the past 5 years, more memories than even my gigantic head can carry. Leaving school is going to be a test of friendship between me and my friends, but I don’t doubt we’ll stay close. There are dozens of people who I’ve been close with over the past 5 years who I no longer speak to because we have drifted or because of one altercation or another, but, I don’t forget.

Reason number two: celebration of the past. I am now older than Chris would have been when Mum passed. Scary. Time truly does fly, in a few short weeks Mum would have turned 50. Its times like these, when I’m overcome with exam stress and procrastinating work by reflecting on things past, I think, what would Mum think of me now? I’m more than double the age I would have been when she passed, I have no doubt she would be very proud of the 3 of us and what we have grown to become. I deal with my emotions by suffering in silence, it’s how I do things, and I don’t see it as a bad thing, things have worked out so far. On that note, the past year I have experienced something which I haven’t experienced before, heartbreak. Not known to many, I struggled a great deal in the period after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend, just as one does with ‘their first love’ (not trying to cringe you to death, don’t worry). Looking back now, the 18 months we were together seems like a split second, at the time it was an eternity. I know I can relate on some levels to elder bro with this. Since 2016 began things have started to look positive for the first time. Now I can see past the bad times, and celebrate the good memories. What we go through makes us as a person, the positive should be extracted from every outcome. Right now, I am the best possible outcome of what I could have been. 2016 is the year for celebration. (

Reason number three: the beginning of a lifetime. Here is where I see everything starting. What happens over the next months will make my future. Exams are looming, and I’m feeling as confident as I ever have. Results day will determine which University I will be attending, A*AA and I will be heading up the road to Bath, and if I don’t make the cut I will be heading up to the big smoke, to Brunel in Uxbridge. I have never been a very decisive person (my peers know this all too well), choosing a university course for me was a struggle, but now I’m 99% sure I’ve picked the one for me. I took particular skill sets obtained from my 3 A Level subjects as well as what I am interested in and came to the conclusion that Civil Engineering is the path for me.

Chris too will be off to Southampton to study for his MEng in electrical engineering in September, which in my opinion, is the perfect decision for him. Tom is living the high life down on the Med in the south of France, I’m not at all jealous, sat in my room in rainy Dorchester staring blankly at a revision guide.

I think I’ve finally ran out of juice, so I’m gunna stop here.

As many (all) know I am one for my Kanye, so here is my number one Kanye song of all time.



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