May 1st

Wendy Elizabeth Haskell - born - May 1st 1966 to Eric Roy Frank Haskell and Jennifer Elizabeth Haskell

Wendy Elizabeth Haskell married Andrew Martin Edmonds - 29th August 1987

Wendy Elizabeth Edmonds gives birth to Christopher Martin Edmonds - 10th February 1989

Wendy Elizabeth Edmonds gives birth to Thomas Oliver Edmonds - 17th February 1992

Wendy Elizabeth Edmonds gives birth to George Matthew Edmonds - 18th September 1997

Wendy Elizabeth Edmonds died - 7th April 2005

When it's written down in front of me in as stark terms as that, It hurts no question.

May 1st would make Mum 47.

I look around me and I see all my friends mothers active, living their lives, a place where my Mum should be.

I digress.

Mum did so much for charity and good causes both before and during her illness.

During my lifetime the hospital in Dorchester was re-developed. They started a £1million appeal to bring in a new state-of-the-art MRI scanner, I remember being involved in a lot of activities including the selling of hundreds of Pumpkins every year on our front lawn at Halloween (which made front page of The Echo!!) to assist in hitting this target. As a family we probably made thousands of pounds towards that appeal and it was something Mum was very proud of, sadly Mum never got to see it or even use it.

Mum was also involved in raising funds for Fortuneswell Cancer Trust who also helped us out a lot. It's kind of sad that when i think about all the things she used to do for good causes it was almost like she was investing in her own future by donating to these charities that would play a big part in her life in years to come. Obviously she wasn't to know this at the time, she just loved to help and was always happier to give than to receive herself.

I continue to do this for her through my own wallet, I continue to support the people she stood up for. You never know when you are going to be in need yourself, and personally I couldn't expect people to help me that I haven't been so willing for. It is said now that 1 in 2 of us will experience some kind of Cancer in our lifetime. Cancer is not something to be feared anymore, it is being beaten slowly but surely. Understanding how much organisations do for a family in a time of need is really understated and rarely understood unless you have experienced these circumstances.

It has always been hard to explain to people that don't know me or my family personally what Mum was like before Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma . That was fit, healthy and extremely active. She loved swimming and always took me along when I was little and swam with me on her back. There is no family history of the illness. Some people assume that this is contracted by a unhealthy lifestyle or living the wrong way. I often use the awful story of Andy Whitfield, a face most people recognise, to show that truly anybody can contract it. He was roughly the same age as my Mum when he died of the same illness.

Back to the original topic, I knew that one of Mums dreams was to go to New York for her 40th birthday with her two best friends. She always used to say about it and she was determined to get better to go. She missed it by a year and a month.

Fast forward to September 2010, I was adamant that I was going to live that dream for her. One of my best friends and I went over to NYC for a week and I went to all the places that I could think that she would have wanted to go. We saw everything and were lucky to be there the same week as both NYC Fashion Week and the anniversary of 9/11 so got to experience it all.

It was a great time with some amazing memories.

Happy Birthday Mum.


Just want to stop by and give a couple of thankyou's.

Firstly, I found out that Dr Al-Hilali who diagnosed and treated my Mum, has retired and moved to Dubai to set up a Haematology Centre. I'm sure that most people from this area who know someone with blood or lymphoid cancers over the last 15 years recognise his name. Truly an expert of his field and an incredible forward thinking personal man. It was because of his knowledge and brilliance in techniques and procedures that we got those extra years of life from Mum and I am eternally grateful to him and wish him all the best in his retirement from DCH.

Also, to those people who read what I write and text me, tweet me, stop me in the street and talk to me and write me letters about my stories, how I write and what it means to them. Thank you. it means the world to me and my entire family, that people are still learning and caring about someone who we hold so close to us. I could never have imagined approaching 7,000 views in just over 3months after starting this blog. I've got some big ideas for the future.

Not forgetting the people who read and say nothing, it's appreciated just the same.


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