I am but an echo of my Mother's greatness

I wasn't really sure where to start...

There are many things about myself which I can attribute to my Mother.

She was the one who was always there for us when we were little.

It was mum who taught me to read and taught me to write. It was she who held me when times were hard, when I felt alone and when I needed a friend.

It was always my mum who came to school to help everyone practice reading. It was always she who would be in the swimming pool helping everyone to swim. She often came on school trips with us, when a parent helper was needed. She encouraged me to play keyboard, recorder, trumpet and clarinet... and was never mad when I decided to give up.She was the one that dragged me along to Chris' football games and would then smuggle me biscuits at half-time. She consoled me when I couldn't do my homework, even when she couldn't do it either. She helped me to learn lines for the school play. She helped out at sports days. She did all of dad's paperwork for him. She travelled across the whole country to visit her ill friend in hospital. She threw surprise retirement parties. She turned our living room into a restaurant for an anniversary. She loved to have people over. She tied generations of our family together.

She loved to make people happy.

She was diagnosed with cancer one day. I don't really remember it. Hundreds of times we visited her in hospital, and not once do I remember her being sad. How hard must it have been to be in the hospital for such long periods of time, even with the constant stream of visitors that she had?

Our Mother encouraged us to take the world and make it our own. She didn't just do this by telling us, she showed us. She wanted us to do as she had done before us, to go out, to enjoy ourselves and to make the world a better place. She was a wonderful woman who never thought of herself before other people.

And throughout it all, she smiled.

Sadly she never got the opportunity to see how I ended up, but I am eternally indebted to her for everything that she did for me, and for us all. Thankyou.


I am truly overwhelmed by the response that this blog has received. I can never thank any of you enough for the support that you have given me, my brothers, my family and my friends over the years and for the support that you all continue to give us.


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