How time passes

When Mum died I was thirteen years old, yet it feels like no time has passed since that day.

In a couple of weeks I will be twenty-two and in a few short months I will graduate from university; it's hard to believe how fast time passes.

Of course I know that my Mother would be proud of Chris, George and I were she still around to see us now, I'd give everything for her to be at my graduation with all the other Mums but unfortunately she wont be. I had to replace some of Gran's photos of Mum as they had faded, it made me think about how different things would be if Mum hadn't died.

I'm so proud of both of my brothers; Chris is nearly twenty-five and has a beautiful girlfriend and a good job, George is sixteen and seems to be the smartest of the Edmonds bunch. It is clear to see how much our lives have been touched by her love and how we are then able to pass this love on to others as well.

There's something that's never really been openly acknowledged in our family, although I made sure that Mum knew it before she left us, and I'm fairly convinced that everyone knows, though some choose to ignore it. I'm sad that when I marry, my Mum will not be there; that my husband will never get to see what an amazing woman she was and just how much love she exuded.

Next year I am to begin my teacher training. I know that she would be so excited about me doing this and it hurts to know that I can never see her grin with pride at any one of us for what we have achieved.

I am sad that she'll never get to see what strong and loving men her three babies have become. It cuts me so deep that, with every day that passes, she becomes that little bit more distant. But she can never leave us; she is engraved on our hearts. I can't look in a mirror without seeing her, and I hope this never changes.

I know that she'd be so proud of everything we do.

Her life touched so many; it's so sad that her's was cut so short.


© 2021 Eddie Edmonds