• eddie

Come back and sing to me

I want to start with a moment.

A moment that lasted a few days.

I'd been under my duvet in my bed for a day and a half. Curled up, physically in pain. Nothing i had learnt or been told to expect could have prepared me for it. My mum was gone and my life was over.

I wasn't ready for her to go, i didn't realise the consequences, even at 16, knowing for three months or so that this was going to happen. I just wanted to hear her voice, i wanted her to talk to me, reassure me, be there with me. I shared everything with her.

Every time i thought about her, the tears would start up again.

I was scared she was never coming back.


Music is a massive part of my life and helps me remember moments from the past. I had this track on loop until i fell asleep with it playing. The riff still brings chills to my spine and water to my eyes. I had the pleasure of watching them at Glastonbury in 2011 and was welling up when they performed this track. I had underestimated my emotional connection to this song.

In this moment both Chris Martin and Christopher Martin Edmonds collided, shared it, connected and I started to grieve.



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