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photos: rhea

Just when you think you've done your bit, you haven't. Just when you think all is said and done, it isn't. This is part II of the story, the continuation of the donation and the ending of an unbelievable full circle experience with cancer.


During the pandemic I moved to Germany to be with Rhea, borders and restrictions were becoming difficult to navigate and presented with the opportunity, I grabbed it. I ended up being in Germany for almost two years, we got married in Kassel Rathaus and enjoyed memories that will last a lifetime. We explored all corners of Germany, except for the old east, a beautiful country filled with things that made us happy and cemented our love for the outdoors. Ultimately, it was a big decision to return to the UK, one that we thought about for a long time and one that seemed logical for both of us. Moving countries is not easy, even when it's coming home to the UK; organising the transportation of possessions, animals and humans is time consuming and expensive. By the end of March 2022 all the plans were in place; I was leaving at the end of April to live back in Dorset for a few months whilst our next house became available at the end of July. Rhea would join at the end of July after finishing her work contract in Kassel, this was the first time we had a choice of where to live in six years and even then it was dictated by the jobs available in the NHS.

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